Grace Note Wind Chimes

The idea of Grace Note Wind Chimes was first formed in 1982, by Jeff Kile who wished to combine his love of music with the beauty of natural surroundings. Although harmonically tuned windchimes were currently on the market, all of these windchimes used a similar suspension that utilized string through holes in the top of the tubes. This suspension technique, unfortunately, reduced the resonance of the chimes. By placing pins inside the tubes at the resonant node (the spot on a vibrating tube that doesn't vibrate), Jeff discovered that it eliminated any interference caused by the string touching the tubes and produced a longer and clearer resonance.

Today, Grace Note produces a collection of classic tuned wind chimes that feature a unique pinned suspension device combined with superior materials and craftsmanship in a broad spectrum of tones. Handcrafted from thick-tempered aluminum tubing, with a soft brushed finish, each chime features recycled composite lumber strikers - composite lumber is not only environmentally friendly but it also creates a softer contact sound when applied to wind chime tubing.

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