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How do I become a retail partner?

iShop Town is available to all retailers who sell sports themed merchandise baring buyer approval. The only exclusion is for obvious reasons retailers who distribute alcohol, firearms, fireworks or pornography. Other than that it is simple to get listed and to begin selling your products online within 24 72 hours.

How much does it cost to sell my products through iShop Town?

There is an initial one-time, non-refundable setup fee of $50. All sales are sold on a commission basis based on estimated and real volume. Typically iShop Town commission is 40%, for exact rates please email

There are three main reasons why iShop Town may be right for you.

First, Ease. iShop Town does everything possible to let selling your products online be as easy as possible. You will receive a form to fill out to enter your page information, product descriptions, and product images. Once you are up and running, iShop Town charges the credit card, handles customer inquiries and writes you a check for products you sell.

Secondly, Expert Advice. iShop Town will go through your product descriptions and general page information and suggest optimal terms you should be targeting to help you generate the most natural traffic to your page.

Thirdly, by joining a network of resellers you get the advantage of page traffic generated by other merchants along with a natural search benefit. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo display pages in two different methods. There is CPC (cost per click) where retailers pay to have there ads displayed. Search engines also display natural or free organic searches where their technology determines the most relevant page based on a number of factors such as popularity and the strength of a website. Although there are two different ways to display your listings, it is estimate that over 80% of Internet users click on the free, organic, searches as they feel these are the true authorities on their search terms.

By joining iShop Town you will benefit from links coming in not only to your site, but links coming in to other merchants also reselling their products on iShop Town. These links come from many places including personal websites, press about your products, Facebook and any other place that mentions your website. Links that allow the search engines to find your products and display them high in the organic (free) searches.

How will my products look on iShop Town?

Once your products are uploaded your products will be displayed under your own URL based on your choosing. For example possibilities for Bob Smith's Glass Blowing would appear as www.ishoptown/bobsmith.html or www.ishoptown/bobsmithglassblowing. With many other websites you would get a dynamically generated URL such as www.ishoptown/23ziddyld.html, with iShop Town you get an easy to remember URL that will let your customers find you and remember you. A URL you can use to promote your products on your business cards, fliers and other sources of advertising. In addition all products will be displayed within the appropriate category.

What happens when I receive an order?

When you receive an order, you will receive email notification along with an attached PDF file of the packing slip. You will need to respond immediately to the email that you received the product and an estimated shipping time so we know when to charge the customer's credit card. You then ship the product within 24 72 hours along with printed packing slip and provide iShop Town with a shipping confirmation. Your shipping method can include UPS, FedEx, or United States Postal Service as long as the shipping method is trackable.

When do I get paid for my order?

iShop Town will send out checks twice monthly. For orders placed between the 25th and 10th of each month, a check will be mailed on the 15th. For orders placed between the 11th and 24th a check will be mailed on the 1st. The check will be for the amount of retail amount charged for the products minus the iShop Town commission. If previously arranged, merchants can keep a billing credit card on file and charge per order. In that case monthly statements must be sent to iShop Town on the 1st of each month.

What if I decide to change information on my page after my initial upload?

No problem, no charge. We realize that prices and products change over time. We also realize that you run out of stock or there are times where you temporarily might not be able to fill orders immediately. If a change occurs in your website, simply email us at we will make your site changes within 24-48 hours at no charge.

What if I can no longer fulfill an order I receive?

iShop Town wants to make all efforts to have orders fulfilled in a timely manner. We provide free product updates so you can change your availability and product descriptions. However, we do not charge a customer's credit card until we receive confirmation of when an item is going to ship. If you are unable to fulfill an order, notify us immediately and we will contact the customer. However, this situation is to be avoided. If this occurs with your account more than 3 times in a 3 months period your page(s) will be removed from the iShop Town website and no refunds will be given for the initial set up fees.

How much do iShop Town retailers typically charge for shipping?

iShop Town does not charge customers a shipping fee. So when determining your price, retailers need to make their price is enough to cover all shipping fees.

How does iShop Town handle returns?

iShop Town wants all customers to experience a first class shopping experience and want all partners to feel the same. Customers will have the ability to return any item they order within 30 days of receiving the product or (30 days from major holidays if order is marked as a gift). Customers will be instructed to contact iShop Town directly for return authorization. iShop Town will then contact their shipping partner to inform and confirm the correct address for returning an item. Once resellers receive the returned item and contacts us, iShop Town will credit the customer. iShop Town will then deduct the return payment from future orders less the commission on the original order.

How do I get started with iShop Town?

Email and request additional information. Within 24 hours you will receive instructions for becoming a member and information for uploading your product information. It is that easy!
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